UPF50+ Sun Protection Breathable Double Brim Hat

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  • السعر العادي OMR5.000


  • High-powers un protection to protect the skin:The fabric is made by a special process which is difficult to UVTO penetrate the fabric long-term sun protection effect.
  • The high-tech sun hat has a breakthrough rate of ≥99.9%. It can block UVB and UVA from different wavelengths in the sun, and effectively resist the damage of the skin from the surface to the deep layer of the skin by different sunlight intensities, reaching the internationally certified UPF standard (50+) , Protect the skin more deeply. Obtained through testing by a third-party agency.
  • Double brim sun protectioh cap UPF50+: Lightweight and breathable & Fashionable version & Technology sunscreen & Function and appearance coexist.
  • Mesh design, better breathability when worn, reduce head sweat, breathable mesh for comfortable heat dissipation.
  • Rear hat brim design:Detachable back brim to protect the neck and enhance sun protection Protect your skin from being burned by the scorching sun.


Package size
About 83g
100% polyester fiber
92% polyester fibric 8% spandex