At www.naturehike.com,we advocating the brand concept of "light outdoor travel" and committing to provide high quality lightweight outdoor products.

   Enjoy Outdoors, Enjoy Life


        Naturehike is eager to enhance our customer's outdoor experience with an innovative design and a reliable quality. Naturehike has gained a solid international reputation for its hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping gear, and travel accessories from numerous customers. It is also famous for its luxury cotton tents for a glamping lifestyle. Keep creating and innovating; Naturehike holds the concept of a pioneer brand that improves our customer's outdoor lifestyle and quality.

Good companions can shorten the journey time

    Thanks to our own experiments, Naturehike offers innovative products. They are tested not only in the laboratory, but also - and perhaps above all - in the field. User reviews are very important to Naturehike, which is why the company listens to the voices of those who use the equipment. The goal is to create better and better products that meet the needs of users.

Those who can travel happily must be those who travel lightly

   We are specializing in product research & development, design and manufacture. We sell hiking, climbing, camping and other outdoor sports products.

   We createnatural, lightweight and professional outdoor equipment. Our products go through sophisticated manufacturing and testing processes. All our products are checked and tested by professional outdoors-man, who are involved from start to finish.

   We also take customer experience and feedback into great consideration to ensure further development and improvement of our products.


         Naturehike owns more than 80 patents among our products, which includes our best-selling Cloud-up ultra-lightweight backpacking tents. Established on the innovative design in both appearance and functions, Naturehike received multiple top awards from Aliexpress, and it was granted the best global seller by Amazon in 2018. In the international trading exhibition hosted in Nanjing, Naturehike received a golden award among all Asian outdoor brands in 2019.


         Naturehike's reached 72 countries, including North America, Western Europe, Africa, and the Middle East while having solid markets in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. Our agent teams involve several countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

         As Naturehike expands its international market, the brand reputations have been growing at an expected fast pace. From Amazon buyers' reviews to Instagram hashtagged comments from our customers, Naturehike's innovative design and reliable quality are recognized more and more on the international stage.  

Start your new lifestyle with Naturehike


       Naturehike's products received numerous high evaluations from both professional outdoor athletes and first-time users! Our best-selling Cloud-up tents are famous for ultra light-weight design, heavy-duty waterproof materials tested in extreme weather conditions, impressive manufacturing such as detailed stitches and YKK dual zippers.

       We use the beauty of nature as our inspiration in order to elevate our users daily experience advocating natural and free hiking. We are enthusiastic, no matter how long the road, until the yearning of a great discovery of beautiful scenery.


      Naturehike, being a fast-growing and reliable company, shows the great potential to be a core leader of global trading.

      We hope that each users of the Naturehike products will have tolerance towards diversity, with a natural calm mindset to push yourself to the limits and to face your difficulties.